Break Down

Borderline Personality Disorder BPD psych ward

Karen: honestly, I envy her. I need to be in a hospital for a week or two but I can’t afford to miss the work.
Jesse: Yeah = /
Karen: Honestly I could use a good solid month. To break down, melt down, get these meds figured out once and for all, and walk away stronger and healthier. THAT would cause my family to go homeless. But Jesse, I’d sell my soul. My medical bill would even be covered. It would just be the loss of paycheck

admerkel: do you have disability? short term disability or FMLA would cover your time in the hospital
Karen: not paid
admerkel: damn, short term disability should still pay 60% of your paycheck
Karen: they would have to hold me job. But my leave would be unpaid
admerkel: oh damn :(
Karen: I have no disability insurance. I can’t afford it
admerkel: just the FMLA?
Karen: yes ma’am
admerkel: dang… do you have any vacation time? maybe even a week inpatient could get ya on the right track
Karen: they have to keep my job so I wouldn’t have that to worry about. And my medical bills would be covered. But my fam would have no money to live on while I was in the hospital. I’ve been in my position for less than a year. With the company previously part time for 2 years.
admerkel: do you think a week would be enough time?
Karen: no, I’d be looking at 2-6
admerkel: nods it sucks that it takes so long to see the affects of med tweeks
Karen: I need to find my balance

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