While I’m on the subject of controversy, and my mom is in possible hysterics, I’m bi-sexual too.

I’ve never been with a woman. Mostly because I haven’t found the right one. Even then Pat and I aren’t in a healthy enough of a place to where I can maintain a relationship outside of ours.

He does support it though. His view is a woman could give me things he simply can’t.

Lucky for me, he is very feminine and masculine at the same time, so I can be happy with him in a way I wouldn’t be with anyone else. I’m not the best mom, but he is while I make a great dad. It’s backwards but it works. He can cook, I can tote a hammer. I work, he keeps house. We work well together and fit. A matched pair.

I think that, more than anything else, is why I went back to him. No one can complete me like he can. That and he’s my best friend.

Will I ever have a girlfriend? I hope so. it’s an experience I feel I should have in my lifetime. To answer questions as to who I am and what I enjoy. To find parts of myself. SO someday. Just waiting for the right time and woman.

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