My Faith

I haven’t really spoke of my faith on here so what with the mention of Easter, here goes. And here is where I confirm my mom’s worse nightmare.

I’m Pagan. Not the sacrificing cats, practicing magic, Wicca type. Nope; and none of the movie shit. Basically what it comes down to is I hold a deep respect for earth and nature and a religious experience for me is sitting quietly in the woods just soaking in my surroundings.

I do believe in a god. It may even be the christian god. I also happen to believe in a goddess. To me, that’s what mother earth is. The two go hand in hand. Think of it like yin and yang.

If I was to be anything other that pagan, it still would not be Christianity. The religions just holds too much hypocrisy for me. If anything else, I’d be Buddhist.

I respect religion. All of them. I respect people of other faiths. My only request is don’t preach to me and I won’t preach to you. It takes all kinds. And remember, everyone is going to hell according to someone. Lucky for me, pagans don’t believe in hell.

One thought on “My Faith

  1. i liked this entry very much. i respect the various religions and love learning about them, truly, there are ones i am fascinated by and have been since i was very young. Judahism, for example.

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