Blogging About Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Blog Borderline Personality DisorderI’ve done the blog thing before. Many times, actually. And they have even gotten me in trouble in time’s past. I’m not so sure why this will be different.

One of 2 things will happen. I’ll either be terrified of this being read and will sensor myself. Or I’ll be open and honest just to indeed have this read and I’ll be screwed.

So why bother? Mostly because I’m no longer in any sort of therapy or treatment and I’m a mental and emotional mess. I have no interest in going back to therapy, and I know writing to be helpful. So I guess you could say I’m hoping this to be the next best thing.

That, and to be blatantly honest, I’m a little jealous of Julie and Heather. And while I could never dream to have the following they do… to impact even one person with my writing would be amazing. They have the infertility and ex-Mormon markets covered, so I’ll aim for what I know.

What do I know? I guess we’ll figure that out together. Judging by the title I picked I’m assuming I know Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Having lived with it for most my life now, that does seem like a solid beginning to a foundation of my knowledge. So we’ll start with that.

But another day. For now I want to figure this site out and customize some shit. There is plenty of time in the future to ramble about my demons and devils.

(Edit: I plan to spend the next few days introducing myself, my family, my world and my illness. My goal is to get who I am and how I got here covered in a series of intros so that I can jump right into the day to day on the 1st of the year.)

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