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Walking the Borderline: The Psychology Patient

Posted April 7, 2016 By kmarrs

Looking for a great read?  Look no further!  I finally finished edits on my book and published over the weekend!

You have your choice between a kindle version and a printed version.  Both are super affordable.  Both are a product of my heart.  You can’t lose no matter which you choose!


Walking the Borderline
Walking the Borderline: The Psychology Patient Paperback $19.99


Walking the Borderline
Walking the Borderline: The Psychology Patient for Kindle $3.99
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Siblings: An Intimate Look at a Lifelong Relationship

Posted November 20, 2015 By kmarrs

So… With one book published, one book in editing, and finals for 2 different maths classes coming up (4 tests total in the next month) I’ve come up with another book idea.  (Stress?  What stress?)

I’m wanting to compile a large quantity of essays that all take a look at one question: What does it mean to be a sibling?

If you are willing to contribute, here is what I’m asking:

Write me one essay of any length whatsoever of what it means to you to be a sibling. Also looking at your role in the family. Are you the baby? Oldest? Middle child? You are welcome to write this in the perspective of when you were younger, now, or compare the two. There is no firm deadline.  No real guidelines: tell your story about what being a sibling means to you.

You up for this?  Email me if you’re game!

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Baby Steps

Posted June 22, 2015 By kmarrs

borderline personality disorder blog bpdI’m going to try this blogging thing out again.  I keep threatening to slip off into oblivion with it, but now is certainly not the time.  Here I am trying to hook a literary agent and then a publisher for my memoir, and this blog will hopefully be an element towards that.  I need to keep writing.

So here is a coming change:

I’m no longer going to do my weekender for a while as that ends up being 3 potential blog posts rolled into one.  I don’t have blog topics to spare.

I’m going to stick with 3 a week for now, aiming for M,W, and F.  That way I have a good spread.  If I miss one or two, I won’t kick myself but I’ll aim to keep plugging along.

It’s just hard when all days run together and nothing really changes from one day to the next.  What is there to blog about?

Oh well.  As ever I’ll figure that out as I go along.

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Published Author – Karen Marrs

Posted May 28, 2015 By kmarrs

I hate editing.  So the fact my memoir is in full edit mode, with nothing left to write, is painful.  So to actively avoid editing, I have been playing more Final Fantasy, I’ve been working on The Last Dwarf, and I sat down and wrote a little kid’s picture book in full.  I then tested how, exactly, self publishing works by publishing it.  I now know what I’d do differently next time.  But in the meantime I present you:

Found in Print and For the Kindle

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Posted May 20, 2015 By kmarrs


My book requires a reference page with proper citation including in text citation. My former English professor would be hella proud of me.

P.S. That copy of I Hate You – Don’t Leave Me has been with me some 8 years since I was first diagnosed.

It still has my notes in it from my first read as I learned my diagnosis and how it really did fit.

I had a lot of lingering questions though.


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I Hate Words

Posted May 19, 2015 By kmarrs

old_book_clip_art_20190I mean, maybe not really, but writing a book is hard.

This isn’t a real blog post, I realize.

But I’m alive and well.  I’m physically healthy enough.  I’m mentally, well, better than I was a couple weeks ago.

All is well.

I hate words.

I’ll come up with something real in a few days.  Promise.


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