Robin is moving to Seattle. There are many reasons for this that I’m going to try and explain.

For years now Robin has been implying and outright saying that I’m abusive. Knowing that I have BPD I kind of assumed I indeed was the problem and have been trying to fix my ways, through therapy and such, to try and be a better spouse. Only I never really could communicate to my therapists what I was doing wrong, beyond the fact I yell a lot, and Robin refused to come to my therapy for a session to help enlighten her so I could be better.

Finally, in desperation, I took to fighting those battles via text and screenshotting them for my bestie. Who brought to light that Robin was gaslighting me during our fights. And the more I looked, the more I saw it. The primary accusation being that I’m super unbalanced and crazy, but I’m actually pretty stable considering the emotional abuse I’m undergoing.

Finally enough became enough and I was done.

Additionally, Robin has a close friend out there and has been talking about moving to Seattle for a while. Only with my meds doc being a unicorn and irreplaceable, it would be a long time before I’d be comfortable with moving out there myself. But, Seattle offers Robin opportunities that she can’t get here. So this will be a healthy move for her.

We are staying married. We are staying friends. We are simply living apart so we can both heal and be better people.

She leaves just after Thanksgiving.

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