These are for when I’m feeling super fancy and special occasions. They are amazing and I love them but I can’t wear them all the time because of how they sit. They touch my cheek and no amount of adjusting can fix that. But that’s ok because I also have:

These lovely glasses sit exactly how I need them too. So when I’m feeling less flashy or just can’t have glasses touching my cheeks, these are ready to go!

I honestly love them both equally. They serve different needs based on how flashy I want to be.

Both are transitions and block blue light so both meet those needs. It really just comes down to my mood and outfit.

I’m also going to see if I can get new lenses for my old glasses, or take my new script to my old eye doctor I bought the old ones from and have CareSource pay for a new pair. We’ll see.

They were black and pink and I really loved them too.

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