Giving Thanks

I suppose it’s a month early, but I’m very thankful this week.  Of all I’ve been handed, I’m keeping it in perspective and being thankful I wasn’t handed more than I can handle.

I could be cranky that it freakin snowed in October, or I can be thankful that’s all Sandy handed to us.

I could be cranky that my kids have to wear coats over their costumes this beggar’s night if we do go out, or I can be thankful that the neighborhood we will visit isn’t submerged in foot after foot of water.

I could be frustrated with the gas leak out back that will cause our gas to be shut off, taking away our heat for roughly 7 hours today, or I can be thankful that it’s only 7 hours, we have an electric heater, we won’t freeze, and, again, it’s only 7 hours.  We were preparing to lose power for days depending on how Sandy hit us.

I can be pissed off that the in-door trick-or-treat option provided to the community was an epic failure, or I can be thankful that they tried so hard.  It was set up weeks ago as an attempt to provide a safe alternative to hitting the streets, and they could not have foreseen the thousands that would see them as the safe haven for little kids who don’t understand and parents who can’t break little hearts by telling them trick-or-treat isn’t logical this year.

I can be upset at the cold, wind and rain, or I can be thankful I don’t have sharks swimming in my backyard.

I’m assuming my 9yo would be pissed if he knew he were missing out on shark action.  Shark week live and in 3D.

I can be amused that my 4yo is still obsessed with the weather channel, though I do wish my little worrier would watch more Dora and less Sandy, too little to understand what he is seeing on TV isn’t outside our back door.

I’m finding myself trying to take deep breaths and take things on one moment at a time.  The next moment is the 4yo’s class party*.  Then comes figuring out the plan for Halloween.  We were doing the in-door thing in-place of hitting the streets, but with it being a bust I’m not sure.  If it’s just cold, not wet, we’ll deal with coats.  As pissed as I was last week about having to cover the costumes, suddenly I’m shrugging it off.  As long as it isn’t wet.  If it is?  We’ll dress them up and go eat burgers and fries.  The candy can be bought tomorrow for half price anyway.

*So the 4yo’s preschool does not celebrate Halloween.  Instead, they are having a “Noah’s Ark” party.  While this was planned months if not years ago, I am finding no end of amusement in the theme considering the storms.  Irony.  Preschool should teach it.

Also note, while I don’t take the end of the Mayan calendar being the sign of dooms day seriously, I’m also amused that we’re all of 6 weeks from its end, and this week brought us the worst storm in recorded history.  I’m not saying NYC should sacrifice a virgin or 2, but maybe we should all hug our loved ones a little closer.  The end is near.

Or it’s not, but there is not such thing as hugging loved ones too much.

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