So apparently it’s an election year?  You’d never guess with how quiet and polite everyone is being with it.  Hardly a word on twitter.  And Facebook?  Silent!

No, I’m not here to tell you why my candidate is the only option and yours is worthy of being stoned to death.  Because honestly?  At this point, they all are.  Yes, even the guy I voted for 4 years ago. (No I don’t actually want anyone stoned to death.  Or anything to death.  I do want them to play nice but violence isn’t the answer.)

Sure if he wins, I’ll be ok with it.  But he isn’t actually who I voted for (we can vote early in Ohio).  Nope, I didn’t vote for the warm weather, hand gear either.

I decided to give the system my middle finger.  I actually voted for the guy I said I was going to vote for over a year ago.  I decided it time we got rid of the two-party system and introduced a serious contender for a third, if not fourth or fifth party.

So many told me they liked the guy I voted for.  So many more told me that by voting for him I was wasting my vote.  “He’s great and all but he’ll never win so why even bother voting from him!”  (It was never a question, always a statement of fact.)

Yes.  Well.  Last time I checked, he can’t win if nobody votes for him because he won’t win.

I’m not here to name names.  I’m not here to tell you to vote for my guy.  I am, however, here to tell you to vote for who you really want in office.  Sure, maybe the odds really are stacked against him or her.  But if enough people vote for who they honestly want to win not who they think can win, then maybe next time around the third, fourth and fifth parties will be taken a touch more seriously and for once we can look to someone who isn’t a democrat or a republic.  Because really, don’t they both make you just a touch ill, even if one makes you a touch more ill than the other?

And for the record, the only such things as a “wasted vote” is a vote given to someone other than who you actually want to win.

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