Things ‘A’ Rollin’

I’ve spoken with Franklin University.  I have my very own enrollment coach helping to be sure things go smooth.  I phone interviewed with her last Thursday night.  Already they are better at communication than CSCC.  Within my conversation I learned that we would have to send my transcripts from CSCC (from here on out “C”) to Franklin (“F”).  No way around it.  Which left a lingering fear of my GPA at C.  I was told I would need to speak to the financial aid office to see what GPA requirements I needed to meet to have my aid.  So I prepared to take more classes at C while desiring to waste no more time or money on them.

Now let’s be clear, even with those dropped classes, my GPA at C isn’t THAT low.  It’s not what I’m capable of within my potential, but it’s not embarrassing all things considered.  It’s a 2.8.  Which according to C’s standards of excellence, is too damn low for me to get the aid the government handed to me.

So yesterday, finally having a chance to sit and make calls during business hours, I called F’s financial aid office to see what their Standards of Excellence requirements are.  They?  Require a 1.8 for aid.  AND they don’t even give a damn what my GPA with C is, they only care about what I get and maintain with them.

Guys?  I get my clean slate!

In related and OMG am I making the right decision news:  One of my biggest issues with CSCC was the lack of communication.  I was annoyed about losing my aid, fine, but their inability to communicate that I lost it, or even anything in general, was why I didn’t rush into fighting for it back.  (Or working for it back.  But I could have filed an appeal and would have won.)  The thing is, I’d call that office in times past and the phone would just ring and ring for hours.  I’d spend hours in the line there and watch them ignore the phone completely as it rung off the hook.  I’ve even seen them answer it but then hang it right back up without actually saying a word or seeing if anyone was there.  They fail in communication skills.

Yesterday I called Franklin’s aid office and someone picked up on the 3rd ring.  She herself couldn’t answer my question so she transferred me, to someone who picked up in under a minute of me being on hold.  The whole process was over and done in under 10 minutes.

And then I called my enrollment coach back to let her know where I’m in, int he process and the good news.  I had to leave a message but she called me back.  Pretty sure this is EPIC in the communications department.

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