So I am seriously toying with getting a degree in economics after I finish my 2 year in business management.  Realistically, the two pair very nicely and economics would take me serious places at the bank.

Also?  More algebra!  Yes, that is a reason to go for it.  I’m very sad business degrees don’t require more math than the most basic.

I like that it is a very logic based field dealing with algebra and statistics while still allowing that degree of creativity and thinking outside the box, depending on where you go with it.  Since I seem to be both right (creative) and left (logic) brained, this fills the needs of my whole soul in a package that will feed my family.

Even if banking doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, this degree would open so many doors.  And according to some serious stats, this degree has grads getting nice paying jobs right out off the graduation stage.  They are walking off the stage, diploma freshly in hand, and into a mid range 5 figure job.  I can do things with that.  And enjoy it for more than just the check it brings.

So it has potential.

It is not as fun, but more realistic than the Psychology degree.

Psychology, btw, would still be AWESOME but I seem to be getting that need filled at Band Back Together which lets me back burner that dream without too much protest.

A degree in Maths would be kick-ass.  But honestly, I’m not sure even I’m that good.  I’m good, yes.  But I value my brain being intact.  So maybe I’ll just add some math electives to whatever I do for fun.  Yes, sorry mom.  I know that isn’t your influence.  Dad crept into my genetics there.  But I do find algebra as fun.  The more letters the better.  Combines my love of the written word with the love of math.

But you have to admit, add in enough letters to the equation and it’s like reading.  A foreign language maybe, but it makes sense to me.

So, how about them economics?

Did I mention I’m taking a business class this summer?  Hopefully the past few years of school not happening was a fluke and I can every other semester this.  Would be nice.

Oh, and the business degree does require an economics class (microeconomics) so I’ll be able to get a taste to help decide if I want the full serving.

So is this a logical consideration outside my head as much as it is on the inside?

3 thoughts on “School11

  1. I've just jumped around so many degree ideas. I'm doing the typical teenage "What do I want to be when I grow up" only I'm 28, not 18.

    The good news is the only degree I've actually put time and money towards is business management, and no matter what I'm starting with that. It's the one for sure because no matter what I do, knowing how to manage people and a business is a plus. Plus that degree is a 2-year as well as a solid foundation to build on

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