Looking For A Few Guest Posts

I would like to do a serious on “How To Make Someone With BPD Happy”.  Which is of course, a daunting post to write.  Mostly because, we all know you can’t really make anyone happy.  Especially if they have something like BPD.  But I do feel that there are things you can do to aid the process that are universal such as: encourage them to seek help, be supportive through the process, etc.  And there are somethings that are person specific.  Taking me creeking at my favorite local creek is a good way to cheer me up.  Will it cure me of a really deep depressive?  No.  But it is still my own special brand of magic that soothes me.

The topic is open to interpretation and I want yours.  Anything from “dude that’s impossible” to “I know exactly how to get that smile!”  The post will have your name on it, a blurb about you, and a link to your own site.  Blog, twitter, whatever is yours.  Or not, if you prefer.

If you would like to submit a post, please email it to me at: kmarrs at walkingtheborderline dot com

Happy writing!

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