Life List 1-50

I have decided it is time to build a life list.  A list of goals to aim for between now and the day I die.  I have decided to be out-of-my-mind, because I am so why not, and aim high.  I was born in 1983, so I want a life list of 1,983 things on it.  Do I think I’ll accomplish them all?  Probably not, but these give me things to strive for in life.  And the ones I am able to accomplish, well it will be well documented what I’ve done with me life.

Some of these are basic, easily obtainable or else my list would be even more intimidating than it otherwise might be.

Some of these have my dreams soaring to their outer limits.

But combined they are a wonderful compilation of what life is about.  Obtainable goals that I don’t want to forget to aim for and celebrate, as well as soaring dreams to keep me reaching high.

My list is nowhere near complete.  How could it be?  But here is a collection of what I’ve dreamed up thus far.

1. Finish this list
2. Swim with dolphins
3. See polar bears up close
4. See panda bears
5. College degree
6. Snog a Great-Grandbaby
7. Have a Pi Day Party
8. Go a year mental health meds free
9. Go 5 years mental health meds free
10. Go 10 years mental health meds free
11. Buy a metal chicken for my yard large enough to piss off or embarrass the neighbors
12. Convince the neighbors to buy a metal chicken for their own yards
13. Spend a year fully exploring and practicing Buddhism
14. Be something more than a teller in the bank
15. Have an investment portfolio
16. Retire at a reasonable age with investments allowing me to take it easy
17. Take my daughter prom dress shopping
18. Publish a book
19. Achieve good credit
20. Buy a house
21. Improve the life of a stranger
22. Go viral, even with just a single post, just once
23. Visit a foreign country that involves crossing the ocean
24. See Alaska
25. Help my daughter pick out her wedding dress
26. Pet an otter
27. See the Northern Lights
28. Photograph 1000 faces
29. Renew my wedding vows
30. In a creek
31. Build a lasagna with Pat
32. Tour an English castle
33. Visit 6 major Cathedrals and Chapels around the world
34. Skydive
35. Learn how to make tutus for Sammy
36. Sell something out of my zazzle store, even if to myself
37. Describe Pink Floyd laser shows to the blind
38. Open a Swiss bank account in Switzerland
39. Visit all 50 states
40. Visit all 7 continents
41. Rescue 30 animals from a dire fate
42. Join the Red Hat Society once I’ve turned 50
43. Attend a BB2G Blogging conference
44. Wear a ball gown
45. Paint the town red while in it
46. After attending a ball
47. Own a porch swing
48. Rock grandbabies to sleep on it
49. Hug a penguin
50. See my blog turn 10

2 thoughts on “Life List 1-50

  1. That's quite a list. There are a lot on it that you can certainly do. I would start with them first. It might be kind of fun to make my own list. I don't know how many I could think of. Of course I have a shorter time frame then you do. Good luck on doing all you can.

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