Things I Would Hoard If I Were A Hoarder

Blame the twitter for this.

  1. Empty pill bottles
  2. Empty honey nut cheerio boxes: sorted according to size
  3. Empty pop cans.  But only Sunkist and A&W
  4. Lists
  5. Empty Easter eggs
  6. Bottles of lotion, empty and otherwise
  7. Never used make-up and nail polish
  8. Used up sharpie markers
  9. Right shoes, with the left ones nowhere in sight
  10. Broken children’s toys

9 thoughts on “Things I Would Hoard If I Were A Hoarder

  1. Too funny! I live with and am in love with a hoarder. I have to have everything clean and in it's place. I'm tired when I finally get to go to bed at night! However, the list thing – I get. I have them everywhere! My therapist suggested that I might not ever reach the happiness that I want in my relationship because of this issue – I think he's worth it though! He and his parents completely rehabbed his house so I could move in last summer. I've been slowly working through the leftovers and have turned it into a build mastery.

    Btw – I love your goal of being off meds by the end of the year. I wish I could say I was there. I'm actually thinking about doing another round of DBT. I so wish I could say after two and a half years of intense therapy that I was further along. Some days I feel like I'm ten steps behind where I was when I first landed in the psych ward. You certainly inspire me!


  2. According to this list, we could be roommates. Ha! Sometimes I'll catch an episode of hoarders on TV, and it gives me mixed feelings. I crave some things more, and it makes me want to clean out all the rest.

  3. Keep in mind, that having children completely rewires my brain chemistry and I just had one 4 months ago. I have also had complete life changes that put me in a better place. I'm now in a job I love that pays the bills. A job where I'm appreciated. I have a complete and healthy family. I'm in a good place in life that lets me be in a good place in my head. I can't say I'll be off them until the end of time. But for now at least, I think I can be off them for a bit.

    Meanwhile, as for hoarding, I'm more of a purger. I cna't stand clutter. But there are a few things I'm guilty of hoarding. Lol. 6 and 7 on that list are true to life. The rest of it would just be easy for me because it's stuff I always have that I could just keep instead of tossing.

  4. VERY nice post. What do I hoard? Oh let me count the ways, and look back at your "I would if I could" list. Sounds like you do NOT hoard. We will be moving this year, so I will get to find out what I hoard, already!

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