Religion vs Religion

I find it remarkable evident of the cultures surrounding religions, that there are numerous photos of the Dalai Lama walking through the streets, holding hands with every day people and monks alike.  But the photos of the Pope going through the streets involve bullet proof cars.  I’m going to hold back on actual comments about this, but it does reinforce my thoughts that perhaps Buddhism is after all the path for me.

2 thoughts on “Religion vs Religion

  1. I've never been very religious. My father was Catholic and my mother Southern Baptist. I was raised with neither though. When I hit college I was lucky enough to spend time at a Buddhist temple for a class assignment, and the peace I found there was inspiring. Since then I have sought out temples when I've needed peace and solitude. A Buddhist teacher once told me the greatest thing I've ever heard about religion. She said: "I will never understand why someone would go to a designated building on a designated day on a schedule to be close to their spirituality. I go to the temple when I need strength in numbers, but I live my spirituality every day. I don't need a building to tell me that." I'm not Buddhist, but I identify with it more than other religions. If you're ever in Chicago I'll gladly take you to my favorite temple if you're interested. It's a teaching temple, and their door is always open.

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