Reflections On Bravery

I’m going through old blog posts tagging them.  But this isn’t about that.

While doing so I came upon a post where I said a former coworker thought I was brave for this blog.

I’m not sure what to think of that.  I guess I am brave?  I mean I must be to be as open and honest as I am.  I share everything.  I over share everything.  But I’m so busy putting myself out there in hopes of helping others that I don’t take time to think that doing so might make me brave.  I don’t take time to think of possible consequences doing so might bring.  And in order to be considered brave, then there has to be possible consequences to the actions.

I guess a consequence would be a place I’m interviewing at for a job, Google searching my name and this blog coming up.  It will if they look.  They won’t have to look hard.  And I guess publicly stating I’m mentally ill could lead to me not getting a job.

But honestly, what with the goal of this blog being publicly stated as me trying to help those who need it, any company who doesn’t want to hire me based on my mental health and this blog, isn’t a company I want to work for anyways.

Besides, I’m currently very very stable and aside from the physical pain that pregnancy brought, I have been stable for awhile.  A long enough while that I feel I can say there is little risk to hiring this mentally ill girl.

Maybe I’m brave.

Maybe I’m stupid.

Maybe I don’t care because I’m too busy trying to help people who need it.

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