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There is a lot of action going on around this site for me.  I have lots of big projects planned.  Some will be more obvious than others, but they will all take literally hours worth of work.  And I will say that while I’m looking forward to the results, not so much the process.

I’m going to go through and tag every single blog post.  All 1222, this one will make.  Why? It helps with SEO.  Basically, I’m looking for an increase in traffic.  I can’t help people or get the word out there without readers.  Yes I do have some very loyal readers.  Readers I’ll always cherish, because you found me and stuck around before I decided to haul ass and really push for traffic.  So I don’t take a single loyal reader for granted.  But I have big hopes and goals and that takes massive traffic.  So, a way of building that traffic is to make sure I can be found.  Following basic rules of SEO should help with that.  I don’t have to change a damn thing about my style.  I just have to tweak the mechanics.  Some old me, only with tags and such.  Benefits everyone really, since it helps people find shit.

Another example:
At this exact moment in time, I’m following 783 people on twitter and have 332 following me.  Impressive to some, small potatoes to others.  Progress, for me since much of that is our community.  But now I’m going to go through every single one of those profiles and pull out links.  The blogs, even if they aren’t mental health related, are going on my blog roll.  The basic sites if they are mental health related will be listed as a resource here for you, me, us.  Two advantages to this.  1) If people see I’ve linked to them, they might link back to me.  Traffic.  See above example.  2) Resources!  We’ll have them!  I’m hoping to collect the links to some of the best mental health sites on the web!  How is that not a total win?  But the hours it will take me to go through all of these and link them?  Yeah, I don’t want to think about that.  No, really.

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  1. I've been terrible keeping up with stuff since I've been blogging – I'm a bit of a hobbyist and can't fix myself down to doing just one thing!

    But there's some useful tips there, plus also just noticed the Twitter – just started following there, too! :)

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