Samantha Lavay’s Story Part 3 Reflections

These are all direct quotes from twitter. Random thoughts I had while in the hospital and the days immediately after. You may or may not be actually interested in this post, but to me it’s as important as the others. This was me getting to know my Sammy, and sharing my discoveries with the world.

August 30, 2011

This delivery was the exact opposite of this pregnancy and I am as fantastic as can be!

Holy shit you guys. The past 39 weeks were so worth it!

Little sister and big brothers have met. Love at first sight!

First sponge bath. Sammy has declared this worst day ever!

It is safe to say I found that peace I was looking for. It came with birth and will be supported by meds.

The team I had was the perfect team for us. Absolute perfect. I could not ask for a better process start to finish for the day.

So… Uh… Girl parts. How about that… #wholenewballgame

She slept for 3 hours. Finally saw eyes. She looked at me, yawned and now seems to be back asleep. It won’t stay this easy but it’s awesome!

Also: do feet really come that small?

I forgot how soft new born skin is.

Ok so I know she isn’t smiling AT me, but NO ONE tell my heart that!

Well then we are officially a champion of: peeing, pooping (2 in the first 6hrs of life!), eating, burping and sleeping. Mostly sleeping.

And on that note, I’m going to go to sleep! (On mah belly!)

August 31, 2011

I’m screwed. This kid is only 9hrs old and I’m already helplessly wrapped around her little finger. But imagine poor daddy’s fate…

Up again. She is a hungry little thing but not a peep otherwise. Not a lot of sleep through the night even when she slept but doing fine.

She is officially wearing one of my favorite outfits I bought her. She is going to be so much fun to dress! Sadly her tutu is at home.

The new baby smell is quite possibly the most intoxicating smell ever. If it were possible to be drunk off a smell alone, this would do it!

Just captured a a rare moment on “film”! She has eyes!

Her ability to fill a diaper 5 seconds after a fresh diaper has just been secured is MAGIC. Glad it was after new one secured, not before.

Took a peek into the nursery, since my Sammy is in there atm with doc. Lots of tiny heads full of hair in there. Tums did well (in sales) this quarter.

On the one hand I need to wake this child to eat. On the other hand, the current belly to belly cuddle we have got going on…

Part of waking up a baby to eat is just sitting back and staring at them, right?

September 1, 2011

Her range of facial expressions when she sleeps is incredible. I can’t help but wonder what someone who is only about 35 hours old dreams?

It may have been an hour and 15 min early, but when princess wakes on her own and demands a bottle, you give it to her!

And she is actually staying awake! You have no idea exactly how amazing this and the last tweet are.

September 2, 2011

While I can’t wait til she is sleeping through the night, if I have to be woken at 1, at least it’s by the most beautiful face in the world.

She went from being forced awake to be fed every 4hrs to waking on her own and demanding food every 3. And she eats like it’s been days. =)

So, what do the boys think? One of the first things TK said when he woke up this morning: Can I hold Sammy? I need my baby fix to get me through the day! And Luke, as we speak, is setting up train tracks right next to his sister so her can teach her how to play trains.

Who needs a battery operated vibrating bouncy seat when you have a 3yo brother who loves nothing better than to sit there and bounce you?

“Momma! Don’t eat her hand! Eating people’s pieces hurts!”

I said I needed a calm, laid back child as my 3rd, One who could sleep through things (brothers). But uh, this is getting to be a bit much!

So I don’t have to worry about the kids waking the baby, because that’s pretty much impossible. BUT unfortunately Luke knows it, so when I want him to be quiet for my sake, I can’t use the baby as an excuse.

She doesn’t have day and night mixed up. She thinks all the time is nap time! Even with bright light, noise and playtime. She just sleeps.

Apparently in baby talk, the adult phrase of “Shoot the burp cloth is over there” directly translates to “Spit out that milk RIGHT NOW!”

September 3, 2011

Her ability to go 5hrs between bottles during the day but only 2hrs at night is maddening. She sleeps 24/7 though.

I went from going to bed at 6AM to waking up at 6:30AM in the span of, “Oh hey! A baby!”

The 8yo just asked me who the baby loves the most. Like I’m falling into that trap!

Know how some babies can sense a clean shirt and instantly puke? Sammy can sense clean pants and instantly fills them. Every time.

When daddy can hear your pants fill from upstairs over the monitor, you know you’ve filled them good.

September 4, 2011

I’m starting to wonder is she would sleep longer stretches at night if she had her brothers down there fighting next to her.

Working on another blog post, but finding the words is impossible. I can blog about my mental illness like it’s nothing. My daughter? No words. How do you find words for perfection?

And there you have it world. My daughter, Sammy.

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