Old Pics

Luke and I were looking at some old photos and we came across some photos of me at 15. He doesn’t believe they were me:

With this being all he’s ever known, I can’t blame him:

(That’s long hair for me, these days. But my natural color. Oh, and that’s also an old photo but not as old as the first one.)

Then we were looking at some pictures of my baby cousins, who are now teenagers *gulp* from back when they were actually, you know, little and told him that’s what little sisters look like. He studies the photos for awhile silently. Then looks up at me and as serious as a 3yo is capable of inform me. “Little sisters look silly.” I was like, “Dude, you have no idea!”

2 thoughts on “Old Pics

  1. So you were a Goth Girl? You did look a lot different!! Luke sounds like a fun little guy to have a conversation with :)

  2. Goth, yes but not the usual stereotype of one. Other than the black. I believe my label, had I been willing to go by one, would have been romanti-goth. And therefor I did not AT ALL fit in with the goth crowd at school. Which was fine because they were into Manson, I was into Bauhaus, and well, really two different cultures. But, to each their own.

    And growing out of it consisted of me realizing cleaning baby vomit out of velvet, satin, lace and silk was more of a pain in the ass than it's worth.

    These days I might still be considered Gothic, but it's less obvious (usually) and I have no interest in labels other than Karen, wife, mom, and kick-ass. *shrug*

    Though with the original term being applied to people who listened to that style of music, if the shoe fits.. Though I'll listen to most anything so that's a lot of shoes, really.

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