How to Talk and Not Talk to People with BPD or Other Mental Illnesses Pt 2

I’ve been thinking about something. The initial articles I linked to here are rather good. NO dispute there. But there is one key thing that should be said, that I don’t recall them saying:

Just follow your heart and don’t over think it, with a mix of common sense. Now, maybe it’s the “common sense” part that leads to the need for lists on what to say and what not to say but…

For the most part, talk to us like we are anyone else. And don’t be stupid. Really, that’s it. DON’T. BE. STUPID. but otherwise, all other talking to random people rules apply. And really, the don’t be stupid rule, applies to random people too.

You don’t understand, autism, but you don’t tell them to get over it or that they shouldn’t be that way.

You don’t know what a woman in the throes of labor is going through, but I dare you to tell her what she should currently be feeling or experiencing. (If you do, tell her though, can I videotape it? Instant youtube hit!)

Same rules apply.

But then, maybe it’s just me this seems to be common sense too. I guess the stop walking on eggshells book wouldn’t be as popular as it is, if it were actual common sense. (There is a link to that book on the left somewhere should you want it. Too tired to spend the 30 second it would take to gather the link and relink it here when it’s already so close and right there.)

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