Are We Facebook Friends? Then You Might Want to Re-add Me.

(Exact copy and paste from facebook)

So, a few days ago, the whole https vs http thing was pointed out. Normally I ignore chains, but this one made sense and I made the switch. Today I went to go into fishville to feed my fish. I do this about every 3 days. Not because I really play but because if I decide to later, I’ll want fish so I might as well keep them alive. Apparently, you can’t have a secure connection AND play fishville. I was already annoyed with fishville because I spent sand dollars (earned not bought with irl cash) to make it so I didn’t have to clean my tanks. Cost me nine. AFTER I spent it, I learned I had to spend 2 sand dollars every day for the actual cleaning fluid. No. Feeding my fish is annoying because I have to spend 5 minutes every day just cleaning the tanks. I want in and out. Done. So after today’s discovery, I said “screw this” and removed the program from my facebook. Then I got curious and checked bejeweled blitz, Sure enough, you can’t play over a secure network, so away it went as well. I didn’t really play it anymore either, just rolled the free slot daily to get my winnings in case I decided to play later. (I had over 1mill, wish I could have passed that on to someone.) While I was at it, I went ahead and removed 95% of the apps that had access to my account. Housekeeping, is what we’ll call it. Then I realized at one point when I actually cared about these games, I had added hundreds of “friends” to gain advancement. They were the next to go. I did keep one who has since actually made a point to get to know me and become an acquaintance. Why not? I went from over 300 friends to exactly 100. BUT that’s fine by me. Half of them didn’t even speak English (not that I had their updates on my wall). The only catch is, I know some of my friends had actually added me because they read (I almost deleted that to fix it because it was in the past tense and I wanted it in the present tense and then I realized DUH. Shut up! I’m tired!) my blog. I think I caught most of them. But I’m sure I accidentally deleted a few. Oh well, I’ll post this on my blog too and they can re-request. This whole precess took a good 45 minutes. BUT I think I’m done. So good night!

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