Good Deal!

So, I’ve needed new underwear for awhile now. Mine wasn’t to the point of embarrassing or anything, but it was showing signs of wear.

With this tax return, which we got Friday, I was given 1,000$ to get baby stuff and maturnity clothes. Might be a stretch but it was a good start. Mind you, I’m not ready to start buying either, but I was given the money while we had it.

One thing I was going to buy up front was underwear.

Now I’m limited where I can buy it. At least pretty underwear in my size. Walmart carries plus size but it is granny style and ugly.

Lane Bryant is my preferred store. Catch is, one pair usually runs about 12-13$.

I had a coupon for 25$ off an order of 75$. So I figured I’d buy enough to use my coupon, maybe a little more so that the math worked, but not much more.

That would get me about 6 pairs of underwear. Not ideal but a solid start.

I walked into the store today and the kind I wear was on sale. 5 pairs for 29$!

I walked out with 15 pairs for 66.50$! I am so excited. And it’s cute! I mean I realize it isn’t like I can show it off to the world, but it is cute enough I kinda really want to. =P

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