3 Days More Info

There is a theory that I’m 2 months pregnant.

Here are all the facts.

With both boys, I had a light period that first month. I knew something was off and took a test. Both came up neg. The second month, sure enough, I missed a period and took another test which was positive.

Last month I had a normal period that I’ll admit was one day late. It stated on the 29th. I took a test on the 28th, and it was neg.

This month, on Christmas day I took another test, it was also negative.

If I was two months pregnant the second test should have been positive by now.

So I’m going with the 18th of December as the possible day of conception.

Again, I don’t really want to be pregnant right now. If I did I wouldn’t have bothered consulting that site. And I wouldn’t be job hunting. I really don’t want to work where I’m working for the next 9 months.

Same time, Pat and I have known from the start we wanted 3-4 kids. Once we started having kids we agreed 4 was out of the question but that 3 was the perfect number.

Oh and this possible fetus goes by the name Marcus Taylor Marrs. Though that was selected years ago. Well, most of it anyways. We talk baby names. It’s what we do.

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