3 Days

We have been using the rhythm method as birth control for the past couple of months. Mostly because the holiday season cash flow interrupted the condom cash flow. And when we did have the extra cash, we just plain forgot until the next urge hit. I should also point out that thanks to my meds I have zero sex drive. But for some reason as of late, the idea of going without a condom has been a turn on.

I do want to be straight with you now. I don’t want to get pregnant at this exact moment. But only because I’m job hunting. To me, it’s tacky to job hunt while pregnant.

So we have been consulting a site online that keeps track of your period and tells you when you are fertile and when you are not. I have a history with this site. I’ve tracked my periods with it off and on for years. This isn’t the first time we’ve been without a condom and wanted to play.

On the 18th of November we were in the mood. I ran upstairs to check to see if we were safe. We were by 4 days so we did our thing.

I’m 3 days late for my period. I had some spotting this morning so I thought maybe it was finally starting. But no. One spot and that’s it.

So either my body is really off and I was fertile when I wasn’t suppose to be fertile. Or my body is really off and I’m way late for a period you can normally set a clock by.

I have no other symptoms. And I’m PMSing like mad. I mean this shit it scary I’m so moody. Which is I guess a sign of pregnancy but… I mean usually my boobs hurt.

So well, that’s that.

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