2 Years and 2011


Yesterday was the 2 year birthday for this blog. I kinda forgot to make a big deal of it which works because I had no idea how to make a big deal of it.

Last year I made a list of things I hoped to accomplish. I met some of those goals. Others, not so much. I’m choosing to not worry about it. It’s no big deal. I feel like I’m accomplishing what I’ve set out to do. And my goals have formed and reformed as I’ve gone along. Sure I would like more followers, as one of my goals stated, but I’m pretty happy with the knowledge that I have some loyal ones. Some aren’t even related to me. And so what if they were? This blog is helping to better explain me. And by default other people with BPD. It starts with my family and spreads from there.

One of my goals was to finish up the DBT post series. I didn’t do that. But I started a whole new series, equally important, that I’ve stuck with every week. You know, the Living Life with BPD series. So it balances out.

Anyway, all that was to say I’m not making goals for the coming year. Maybe I won’t even acknowledge the blog’s birthday next year.

It’s all becoming so second nature that I’m not pushing for the big milestones, so I’m not noticing them. Kinda how like that 1000 post mark blew by with barely a nod.

Moving on…

Obviously the new year fast approaches. Again with the goals. I can’t say I don’t have any. That would be a lie. But the big one, the main one is to find a new job. I’ve already gotten the ball rolling on that one.

I have a phone interview next Wednesday. Yes, it’s with a bank for a job as a teller. Now most starting bank jobs start you at 9-10$ an hour. This one is only 8.70$. But that is more than I currently make. The catch is it’s only 26 hours a week. Which isn’t so bad. That allows time for school. Which is becoming increasingly important for me. I mean, it was always important, but as I get closer and closer to figuring out what I want to do with my life, the urge to educate myself grows.

On the down side, that is less money over all than what I was counting on. I was counting on that 9-10 and 30 hours a week. I just need to tell myself I can work up to that. We will have less wiggle room with money than what we have now, but I’ll be over all happier and that will be worth it. I still need to have the conversation with Pat as to whether we can afford this change. Hopefully there will be more interviews. The holidays season is coming to an end. As it dies down, recruiters have more time to dedicate to finding people.

Oh! One thing this bank does have going for it is that it offers solid benefits to even it’s part time employees. We’re talking paid vacations, retirement plans, the works. So yes it’s less money starting out, but it sounds like a good deal.

Anyway, here is my nod to year end milestones. May the next year be a good one.

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