Long Days

It’s been a couple of long days. Saturday was a 11 hour work day. Sunday was 13 hours. I’m hanging in there though.

Tonight I work 6:15 to 12:45. I hate the late, long nights but I need the money. So I shouldn’t complain. Too much.

I’m working 27 hour weeks at the grocery store and 15 hour weeks at the camera store.

So far my mental health is hanging in there. I thank my husband for this. He’s letting me get plenty of sleep. Without that sleep I’d be a basket case.

As mentioned in Saturday’s post, I’m still adjusting to this schedule and the hours involved. It will take awhile. I’m use to 15 hour weeks broken down to 3 days a week 10am-3pm, 11am-5pm, 12pm-4pm. Short days, reasonable times.

On that note it’s after 4, I leave in an hour and a half. Time to shower.

2 thoughts on “Long Days

  1. Hey there. I just started following your blog, and yes, I can definately related with the comment you made about change in your previous post. I have BPD and I do not deal with cange well at all!

  2. Hello Carrie and welcome to WtB.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who can't deal with change.

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