Living Life with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

I came to terms a long time ago that my BPD was going to affect my boys. Either they would inherit the genes of mental illness or my actions would lead to an invalidating or traumatic experience. I do my best to limit it the best I can. But let’s face it, I’m far from perfect and it shows.

So I wait and I watch for signs.

A few year back Thomas showed signs that something was going on in his head. It was more of a feeling than a concrete train of thought. To this day I struggle to put it into words but I know in my heart something was troubling him. So I did what I knew to do. Despite his young age (5) I found him a therapist in the group I see who was willing to sit down with him and talk things out. He only went to a few sessions. And I wouldn’t call them a success. It was clear whatever was ailing him, he was not yet mature enough to get it out. I wasn’t going to push. I knew his time would come.

So I went back to waiting a watching.

Lately I’ve been hearing some disturbing things. He’s calling himself stupid, among other things, an awful lot. Usually it has to do with me yelling at him over something. Or him having trouble completing a task. Please note I never call him names. And when he calls himself names I’m quick to correct him. He’s not stupid. I don’t raise stupid boys. I may not like his actions but he is far from stupid. He is in fact the smartest 7 year old I know. And I throw in an “I love you” or two. Or three.

He has also been hitting himself. When he is frustrated or angry he takes it out on himself physically. Just now he smacked himself across the face because I wouldn’t let him have a snack.

Today he crossed the line and informed me he hated himself. This wasn’t tied into me yelling at him. This came out of the blue and hit my like a ton of bricks. Where were these words coming from? What 7 year old even has the concept of self hatred? So once again I did what I knew to do, besides reassuring him that he was awesome and loved.

I called concord. It’s been 2 years. I can only hope he ready to talk to someone. It might take him a few sessions to open up. But I really hope once he’s comfortable with who ever he sees, that he will talk about whatever is bothering him.

Even if that’s me and Pat.

As of right now I’m waiting on a call back from intake. Since it’s been 2 years he’s considered a new patient. There may be a long waiting process involved. But it’s time to get him on that list. As we wait his maturity to talk it out will only get better, though the self hatred will only get worse.

I do want to make one thing clear right here and right now. I can see my in-box flooding with this. I’m not looking to get my 7 year old on medication. I have a strong belief that these meds can help, an adult. Right now his brain is still forming and developing. Drugs will only hinder that. I am a strong advocate in my belief that children under the age of about 16, maybe a little younger in extreme cases only, have no business on these medications. But I also have a solid belief in the power of talking. And by getting him into therapy I fell he’ll have the chance to talk to someone who both cares but also has the training to know how to get him to talk and who will know what to say once he does.

This isn’t little kid stuff coming out of his mouth. These are teenage level thoughts and feeling coming out of a 7 year old. If my 13 year old was saying these things, well first of all, I’d kind of expect it, but I’d get him into therapy. Hearing it from my 7 year old is troubling.

And maybe I’m over reacting. But I’d like to hear that from a trained professional.

I don’t know, what do you think? Is it normal for a 7 year old kid to say he hates himself?

7 thoughts on “Living Life with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

  1. You are dealing with some tough questions indeed. I don't know much about 7 year olds but I agree that it doesn't sound right. It does seem like you are doing everything right; perhaps some cognitive therapy can help him find healthy ways to deal with frustration. I think he is lucky to have such an alert mother watching out for him and ready to get him some help.

  2. Yes, he probably would be better off starting therapy now. If the therapist can't make progress with him, maybe they're not the right therapist for him

  3. When I told him (reminded him) about therapy (He would have an adult friend that he could tell anything and they wouldn't tell mommy or daddy what he said.) he demanded to go that minute.

    Mom I've forgiven you for what I'm about to say.

    I remember being 12 years old and telling my mom I was depressed and needed help. I got blown off, informed I was fine. I felt invalidated. I'm not just trying to prevent that feeling for Thomas, but I'm trying to prevent him for having to start the I need help conversation. It's a tough conversation to start. Or rather, since I'm sure he won't be in therapy none stop for the rest of his life, I want that conversation to be easier to start. A simple I want back in therapy, ok son I'll make the call. If he already has a history there, getting him back in it when he's older and really needs it should be a lot simpler. Granted he'll still have a waiting period, but it won't be as tough of a decision on his part about breaking down and admitting he needs help.

  4. I watch my son already, and he's only 2. but I'm a paranoid parent, lol.

    But I think you know your son better than anyone, and know how your own childhood was, and therefore know what he needs more than anyone who would slam you for it on the web.

  5. Oh dear, i am sorry this is happening and know only too well how much it hurts as a mom to see these things going on. Really, really hurts.

    i know with my son, who has Asperger's, it is very difficult to tell whether my dx of BPD and the resultant behaviors are hurting him emotionally a great dear or rather he "takes them instride" as he is so used to them… (he isn't really communicative about many things)…how sad would that be? (Behaviors like the various hospitalizations for OD's, cutting…a horrible aftersite for him to see….
    There are many things i will never forgive myself for exposing him or my husband to…sigh, i have made such a mess of my family with my stupid actions and sometimes words.
    Sam was in therapy for several years, but decided to quit when he and his therapist reached a cross roads…his therapist thought Sam should try harder to cultivate friendships and Sam thought not…and my husband, who is basically non-social, agreed. (Which kinda leaves me socially isolated, but it's NOT all about me!!)
    Sam is now 19 and it hurts me deeply the harm i must have and still must be doing him…
    Having your son go to therapy is the right thing…and please don't blame yourself!

  6. PS i also remember being "blown off" by my parents when i was 18 and all the psycho problems started…basically their answer, especially my mom's, was "Don't think about it"…and "pray".

    Don't get me wrong, i do believe in prayer, but "Faith without works…"…..guess some people forget about that one. i am a strong believer in Psychiatry and other forms of help, from that time on….annnnnnd, obviously, i am terrifed of that church i was raised in……

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