Me: I can’t wait till Sunday.
Pat: Why’s that?
Me: I only work one job. Wednesday is a good day because I don’t work at all. Monday is also a good day because I only work on job. So is Tuesday because I only work one job. Though I work until 1am on Tuesday so it’s not as good of a day. Monday is better than Tuesday. Sunday is better than Monday. But Wednesday is the best day.

I’m really tired. I couldn’t sleep last night. Just too wired. It was between 2:30 and 3am before I finally drifted off. Then my alarm went off at 8:30 so I could work one job from 10am-3pm. Pat picked me up and we went grocery shopping. We got home at around 4 and I ate a sandwich really quickly so I could be back out the door by 4:15. Then I worked again from 5-10pm. Made for a long day.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I work one job from 11am-4:15pm and then the other from 5-10pm.

Sunday I work my main job from 12-4:15pm. Now you know why I can’t wait til Sunday.

Monday I work my second job from 5-10pm. Not too bad.

Tuesday I work my second job from 5pm-1am.

No one had better even look at my on Wednesday. You can maybe breath near me. Maybe. As long as you don’t wake me up.

Thursday I don’t work again, I don’t think. This will be my catch up day. Thursday you’ll be safe to look at me.

Friday I work today’s hours.

Saturday is Thomas’s birthday party. I got scheduled anyways but I’ve been told not to worry about it.

And I think that Sunday is the same as this Sunday.

From there I don’t know.

My feet hurt.

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