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I’m fast approaching 1000 posts. And I want to do something special for that 1000th post, but I don’t know what. What would you like to see? On the other hand, knowing me I’ll breeze right past it and won’t realize it’s come and gone until like 1005. This is post 971, if you are curious.

Books. Board books. The current bane of my existence. Though I don’t blame the books. Oh no, I blame the 2 year old who is hell bent on destroying them. We have an ever growing pile of books he has destroyed that need replaced. And once I have the money I do intend on replacing them. Not just for him, but also his future little brother. The thing of it is, is there any point to replacing them before he is out of this phase? And oh dear god when will he exit this phase? It’s a phase I don’t understand. I, for one, have always worshiped books. And while my mom is welcome to correct me if I’m wrong, I was never determined to destroy them. Thomas has never gone through this phase ever. He destroys toys, but not books. It doesn’t break my heart to throw toys away. Any parents out there with advice? I know some of them can be fixed with duct tape. *sigh* I might have to duct tape the cabinet with the books shut. Only that might ruin the paint job.

My husband is currently lecturing my youngest son on the strategies of fighting with his brother on a bunk bed. Rule 1 is to never fight on the top bunk. He is also giving him the strategies of annoying his brother from the bottom. And how he needs an extra pillow in order to “bomb” his brother. Meanwhile, I’ve heard horror stories about the kid on the top puking and it landing on the kid on the bottom bunk. *shudder* And now Luke is singing “Bunk bed! Bunk bed! Bunk bed!” with castanets and all. Boy has rhythm.

We lost Internet mid post write. Thank god blogger auto saves as I type. So I can go back and add the rest of this to what is already typed up. I’m working in word now.

I learned a lot last night during my research. I think I’m going to look into starting vitamin supplements to increase my vitamin B complex and my vitamin C. This isn’t to say I’m not going to try and eat the right foods. I just think I could really use that extra boost. I’m hoping I can be prescribed vitamins since I can’t, yet, afford over the counter. I’m hoping my meds doctor will check into it. I might check into what’s in prenatal vitamins and if they have what I’m looking for, ask to be put on them. If my meds doctor can’t do it, my regular doctor might. I don’t know. I’ll talk to her on the 30th about it.

The boys, minus Luke, are playing Uno. It’s fun listening to them banter back and forward. Normally I play with them, but being the observer has its perks. Apparently Thomas, for example, is a “dirty, dirty punk”. Meanwhile Luke is downstairs watching a movie.

Would you believe an article I read last night actually tried to say caffeine is good for mental health? It’s a pick me up. I wonder what mental health professionals would say to that. Next thing you know, someone will be claiming “5-hour energy” is a cure for mania. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. But it just seems to me that caffeine is bad for you and the crash outweighs the pick me up.

I got so excited writing that blog post last night. A natural high was to be had off the research. I almost posted it on the spot but it was too late, no one would see it hit my twitter and facebook stream. So I waited. That wait about killed me. No, seriously. Originally I was going to wait until Wednesday. Hah! First thing I did when I woke up this morning was post that entry. I didn’t even bother to take the time to wipe the sleep out of my eyes. I’m hoping it becomes one of my most read entries. For that matter, and I don’t ever do this, but if you found it informative, could you pass it on? Link to it? Twitter it? Something?

I wonder if I have Internet back…

(Added way later)
It’s now Wednesday afternoon. The rest if this was written Tuesday evening. We didn’t get Internet back until after I went to bed and I slept all day today. Not sure why. I went to bed fairly early last night. Just needed the sleep I guess.

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