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I should be writing a “living with bpd” post, but I’m not. I don’t have anything new to say. I’m working on a concept. It’ll probably be next week’s post. It just isn’t fully formed in my brain. Maybe I’ll post it a few days late this week. I don’t really know.

I survived my 8 hours shift. I like the late night hours better than the early evening hours. I go to do things around the store to help out, instead of babysitting a dead check-out lane.

The down side to working till 1am is that I was up til 4am, so I slept till about 4pm. I think I could have gotten up earlier if I had to, but I needed the sleep. What’s pissing me off is that Pat told me he didn’t care if I slept all day and then he got pissy with me when I did. He says he had also said he didn’t want me sleeping through 2 meals. But if I’m up before noon, the second meal, that isn’t exactly sleeping on day. So now I’m just confused.

The down side of my job is that I keep seeing all this yummy food that I want to buy. And most of it is good nutritious food. So at least it’s healthy. But our food bill can’t afford me buying all this extra food. Pat says he’s going to start giving me a food allowance, once bills are fully caught up, on top of my regular allowance, so that I can afford these yummy food s for dinner on the nights I work. that way it isn’t coming out of our food stamps. I don’t know how much he is giving me though. So we’ll see. Most of it is cheap. So I should be able to stretch the money a week if it is enough. But for example, my dinner the other night was strawberries and raspberries. We already had the strawberries, the raspberries were 4$ for 2 containers. Not too bad. But I’ll tell you, I ring out A LOT of berries and I can always smell them through their container. And there are few foods I love more than fresh berries so…

It turns out my day off tomorrow has me going into the camera store from 9am to 12pm. I’m not really looking forward to it. Mostly because I have to get up at around 7:30am. Which with my currently sleep schedule, should be fairly tricky. Then I have to drive myself to work. Which has me scared shitless. Driving too early in the morning is how I wrecked the car. I’m just going to have to be very careful, I guess. I dunno. It’s going to be worse this time because lord knows what time I’ll fall asleep so lord knows how little sleep I’ll get and lord knows how tired I’ll be in the morning.

TK’s birthday party is Saturday. He is so excited. I’m looking forward to seeing some good friends. I think he had a good birthday weekend. I’ll leave it at that. Eventually there will be a post up on his blog with all the details. I’ll see if I can get him to write it. If not, I will.

Alright, time to head off here and go read the words of others.

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