Woes Reduced

I got worse as the night progressed last night. The straw that broke the camels back was realizing we forgot to pick up my sleep meds yesterday and I was completly out. So I pretty much slammed a cabinet door, ignored my husband and cried myself to sleep. Not my best behavior.

But I’m feeling a bit better today. I walked into a funny note at work left for me and it made me smile and I’m doing my bext to keep the smile there.

We have a possible loan for the money. Good friends are good.

We also have a possible sale of the account. Yes we are still selling even with the loan. We need to pay the person back after all. The current offer is 150$ which would take care of most of the bill in question. It would give us some breathing room. I think we might be holding out for more though. It’s worth more and I, at least, feel if we are going to sell the account we might as well take care of more than one thing with the profits. The offer in question comes from a company and once the poke around the account some the offer might go up. I like the sounds of that. The company is reputable and we aren’t getting scammed.

I dunno we’ll see.

I should get off here. As always I’ll keep everyone updated.

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