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I’m burping the hamburger I had for dinner. Probably not the best opening for this post but it’s currently what’s on my mind. It’s making me rather sick to my stomach.

Speaking of my stomach I have a bruise on it from where I pulled a door handle into it hard a couple of days ago. The bruise was the size of a quarter but it’s gotten bigger over the past 24 hours. And it’s currently about 6 different shades of purple. Some of them quite pretty, actually. It doesn’t hurt anymore but it hurt like hell when I got it.

I’m in trouble at work. I have over a 100$ (with my discount it’s right at 100$) in photo finishing waiting for me at the store I use to work at. I completely forgot about it. Out of sight, out of mind. I’m suppose to get it asap. So I took the opportunity to point out I make about 120$ a week and can barely pay my bills. No, seriously. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about it. I guess pray I get a second job soon. I’m still waiting on call backs and scouting craig’s list.

TK’s last day of kindergarten was yesterday. We tried using grape kool aid to dye his hair purple to celebrate but it didn’t work. Don’t get me wrong, his skin is nice and purple, but not his hair. Next time we go for blue manic panic.

I think I’ve decided I don’t ever want a smart phone, but if I were to get one I’d want an iphone. Seriously though, I don’t need a computer that can make phone calls. As long as I can dial out, text, and take the occasional picture, I’m happy. Mostly though I’m just smart enough to know that figuring out a smart phone would take me forever. And the touch screen/pad thing is beyond me. I have to plug a mouse into a lap top, that’s how hopeless I am. Now, come up with a smart phone that you can plug a mouse into, and you might have me sold. But then wouldn’t that just be a lap top that make calls? Hmm…

So speaking of Thomas being off for the summer… He was all excited until he saw the list of daily chores we have for him. I’m not sure but I think he’d rather be in school.

My sleep aid is only kinda working. It has yet to leave me hanging all night but it doesn’t work as quickly ad my Ambien use to work before it stopped working at all. I think I’m going to see if my dose can be increased.

We released one of our turtles into the wild. I don’t post about them really at all ever but we had a slider named Lodi and a painted named squirt. Lodi was getting too aggressive. He’s always been aggressive towards us but we has lately been taking chunks out of squirt as well. Since he is a turtle you can find locally, we took him to a stream near by and set him free. Possibly slightly illegal but the best we could come up with. This way he has a fighting chance at a long happy life. And squirt is much happier too. And we can pet him without worrying about Lodi biting a finger off. Because if Lodi seriously caught a finger, it would be gone.

The rats, as always, are spoiled. We made them an elaborate trail mix of food using all sorts of rat friendly seeds, dried fruit, and different yummy foods. We have a whole garbage bag half way filled with food for them. We kinda cheated and used food stamps on what we could. Some months have been stressful in figuring out how we could afford to feed them, so we used what we had. Luckily rats are by nature scavengers so they could live off table scraps for a day or two if things really got tight. But I think we have a couple of months worth of food from what we made so hopefully we’ll be good for awhile.

I wonder how blind can I get before glasses can no longer restore me to 20/20 vision. Because I think I’m there. People around me are seeing things clearly that I struggle with and I don’t think my vision has changed much since my last appointment.

Ok, that’s all the random thoughts for tonight.

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