I did some maintenance of my blog roll. I cleaned it up and out. I removed a few blogs that don’t update anymore or that I don’t read anymore. I added a couple new ones that I’ve stumbled upon. I blame twitter. But I removed a lot more than I added.

I added a stat counter. It counts how many people visit my page. I use to have one when I first started this blog. I don’t remember why I removed it. It was a stupid decision for what ever that reason was. I think I thought something else was counting for me. It’s not.

I made changes to my opening paragraph. My original target audience was those with BPD and the people surrounding them. Since then I’ve grown into the goal of spreading the word on BPD to those who aren’t dealing with it first hand. I want it commonly known. My opening paragraph now reflects that.

I updated the list of meds I’m on in the left hand column.

I updated my weight in the left hand column.

I remembered to update that I’ve been married for 7 years, not 6, in the “Things To Know” section in the left column.

I removed the news widget in the right hand column.

I think that’s everything. Busy busy working on the blog.

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