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I was able to kinda pay Stacy back for all the clothes she gave me. A month or so ago I gave her a bunch of shirts that no longer fit me and that was good and all. But last night I was able to give her the mother load of jeans. They are all too small for me and will probably remain that way for awhile. So at least one of us can get some use out of them. Makes me feel better about all the clothes I got from her a couple of weeks ago.

Here in about 2 weeks I have 150$ to play with at Lane Bryant to get some new underwear. Stacy has 75$ in real woman dollars. Meaning on a 150$ purchase, she’s only paying 75$. She calling it my birthday and Christmas from last year and this year. I tried telling her she didn’t need to do this but she knows I’m in need. My underwear is too small and filled with holes and I keep losing bras because the underwire keeps snapping. I think I’m getting bras that are too small but I can’t seem to get a proper fitting. I need someone to actually measure me while I’m naked in a fitting room, lifting up my saggy boobs so the measuring tape actually goes around my nipple like it’s suppose to. You’re welcome for that mental image btw. It’s free with a subscription to my blog. And if you’re reading this, consider yourself subscribed. Anyway, Stacy is going to make sure I’m properly fitted even if she has to do it herself and once and for all I’m buying bras in my size. I’ll still have to probably wear the bras that are too small as well so that I have enough, but we’ll see. I’ve been rotating the 2 bras that I have left well enough so if I buy 2 more in my size I should be able to rotate with just the two new ones well enough too. I’ll have the ill-fitting ones still as emergency back up. But really, you don’t need to wash a bra between each time you wear it. Only if it’s stinky or otherwise gross.

Enough about my underwear, yes?

It’s raining again. It’s been raining a lot this past month and I’m getting sick of it. Normally I like the rain. I’m a dance barefoot in the rain type of girl. But after the long winter I’m ready for some sunshine. I need some sunshine. And the rain has been cold. Cold, wet and dreary. Which is better than snow I guess. But really? Enough with the rain already. I guess it’s suppose to stop raining Monday and get really hot. I could do without the hot but I’ll take what I can get.

So my first paying job as an independent photographer is tomorrow. I’m not really nervous. The daddy is a good friend of ours. And my subject is a newborn and that’s quite possibly the easiest subject ever. They don’t move much and I don’t have to do anything to make him look cute. I just have to get good angles and lots of close ups of little feet and hands and noses and ears. I’ve taken milliopns of pictures of hundreds of babies. I’m made for this.

I’m getting paid 50$ which is a subject of saddness. Ideally I’d have a fund or a jar set aside to put my photography earnings in so I can save up for photography equipment. I realize my mom is helping me out a lot this month in getting me set up for Rachel’s wedding but there are still other thing I could use. I’ve promised to be the official photographer of an up and coming baby belonging to a friend. And I’m working for free for this one. This baby will be featured in my portfolio quite a bit. I needed a subject my photography could grow with. But I’m not properly set up for this. I have no backgrounds. No props. Nothing. A background and stand alone is 160$. Plus I could easily invest another 100$ into props. But I just don’t have the money. So the 50$ I’m earning tomorrow should be set aside to go towards a background. But instead I’m buying diapers, dish soap, fish food and rat food… and you get the idea. I’d save up allowance but with the exception of once, I haven’t gotten allowance in months.

I know, I know. Cry more noob. I swear it’s the rain.

I should go get some sleep. Night all.

2 thoughts on “This ‘N’ That

  1. Sounds like you have a great and support friend in Stacy.
    I hope the financial stress lightens soon. As it is, it sounds like you're being as creative as you can to get by.

  2. Stacy and I are very close. We both are support for each other. We use to be the same size in clothing. So when she lost 40 pounds (almost 50 now) I inherited her wardrobe. And she was able to snag some outgrown clothes of mine. My old anti-psychotic caused me to gain some weight. Not to mention I had a second kid.

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