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So… I had a job interview this morning. And you might vaguely remember that the only thing I knew for sure was that I was going to wear my new suit? Yes, well I didn’t even wear it. Pat said I looked awkward in it. Which means I totally have no clue what to wear to my sister’s wedding. Wait, you want to know how the interview went and don’t care about the clothes? Fine. I have no clue how it went. I know they interviewed all last week and will continue to interview all this week. I know I’ll know either way sometime next week. Either a phone call with an offer or a generic postcard if I’m not offered. I feel I did the best I could during the interview. I spoke clearly. I looked the interviewer in the eyes. I answered the questions to the best of my ability. So if I’m not offered the job, that just means someone else was more qualified. I can handle that. Truth be told I’m still figuring out how the logistics of me waking up at 2am to be at work by 4am were going to work out. It’s enough hassle to get me out of bed then I have to be up at 8. I’m also stressing over when I’ll have a chance to see my kids. I may not be the best with them, but I still want time with them.

I need business cards. I’m investing in them as soon as I get a second job and start getting allowance again. I am trying to make a living as a photographer. I don’t think it’ll pay the bills anytime soon, but it’s bought diapers just this week. Seeing as how we would be out of diapers otherwise…

I’m trying to see about getting advertising for this blog. I don’t think I’ll ever be famous for it, but dammit I have a cause. I’m desperately trying to get word about BPD out there to the people. Information to those who suffer with the mental illness, but also to those who don’t. The catch is, buying add space is expensive. Really expensive. I have my sights set on a couple blogs in particular and we’re talking 200-500$ a month. I don’t have that type of cash. That’s a lot of diaper money. My site would have to be pulling in serious ad revenue for me to get that kind of advertising money (half of my ad revenue does go to charity) and if I’m pulling in that much chances are I don’t need to advertise. FYI, in all the time I’ve had the ads, I’m up to a total net income of 5$. So no, I don’t make anywhere near 200-500$ off my ads. I’m not too worried about making money off this blog though. That isn’t why I write. I know my blog won’t pay my bills, like ever. I’m ok with that. But it would be nice to be able to buy ad space so I could get word on my cause out there.

I don’t know what else to write so I’m going to end this. It’s better to just shut up than to force something else out.

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