Got Some Stuff Done

I just spend the first half to three fourths of Luke’s nap sorting out the boys’ closet. I had to sort out all the clothes into bins according to size; a project I usually take on twice a year but six months ago I was too far gone into my lack of motivation to be able to accomplish it. So it made for extra work today. Anyway, I’ve run out of extra bins, and one bin, annoyingly enough, doesn’t have a lid, but everything has a home.

There was also tons of crap on the bottom of the closet and I got all that cleaned out. Then I shut the doors and threatened Thomas with death, should he ever open them again. The doors on one side are falling off their track, if not completely off, and I keep fixing them just to have Thomas knock them off track again. Little man is starting to piss me off. I wish I could like remove his closet and put it down in the basement with me. He doesn’t use it for clothes, it’s just storage.

Pat is discouraging me from selling the clothes. I think we are both really focused on the fact that we want a third kid, so why sell what you’re just going to have to turn around and replace? He’s also convinced me I won’t get enough to cover a new tire so that isn’t a good enough of a reason to sell them. I think he’s right. Anyway after I have our 3rd kid I’ll sell the clothes as he outgrows them. And I’ll just take them to once upon a child and be less worried about how much I make and more worried about convenience of the sale. Or maybe I will craig’s list them. Who knows, I have time to make up my mind.

As for the two stores I was going to job hunt at, Pat doesn’t want me working in this neighborhood. In the light of day I can kinda see his point. We are kinda in the ghetto and safety is a concern. It is also kinda unsettling that one of the managers in one of the stores smokes pot out behind work. Not that I’m against the use of pot. I think it should be legal and when it is I’ll probably be prescribed it for it’s medicinal purposes, or at lest the pill form. So I’m not against working for someone who smokes it. But smoking it at work while it’s still illegal? Yeah, that’s kinda dumb. And I don’t like working for dumb people. Been there, done that, never again.

Anyway, I figure if Pat wants me to find a second or new job he’ll tell me to. Until then I’m done worrying about it. I’ve already checked into the 3 stores I was wanting to work at, and neither of them worked out. So that is that.

Pat is puky sick now. Thomas has had it off and on all week while the rest of us have been fine, but Pat is not so fine now. Luke and I remain symptom free so hopefully we’ll stay that way. I have to work the next three days so I can’t afford to get sick.

Both boys are set on clothes for the summer, and they both have shoes that are in good shape. I was even able to find a pair of Thomas’ old sandals that will fit Luke so I’m excited there. Now I just need a pair of flip flops for Thomas and we’ll be golden. That should only cost 5-10$ and mom usually buys them before I get a chance so I’m not too worried. Actually his flip flops from last year might still fit him, I’ll have to check. Thomas is digging them out now and trying them on. They just barely fit. He’ll need a new pair soon but these will hold him over in the meantime.

Alright, Luke is calling up to me so I need to go rescue him.


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