Going To The Chapel And We’re Gonna Get Maa-aaried

So My coworker and friend Jim married his lovely girlfriend of many years, Heather today. These two are two of the nicest people I know. Flat out. So the two of them paired up is pure magic. Jim himself is magic dubbed so by the queen of magic, so ya know it’s bound to be sparkly.


The magic was out in Timbuktu (thank you Firefox spell checker because that was originally timbucktwo). For the entire 5 hours we were up there my cell phone had no bars. No calls. No texts. No twittering. I thought I was going to die.

The ceremony itself was beautiful. I cried. Like a baby. It started when Jim walked down the aisle. It stopped about an hour ago. Ok, not really. The hour ago part. I really did cry. Apparently I’m that woman who cries at weddings. I’m just very in touch with my emotions.

I of course took all my camera gear with me. And I do mean all of it. Huge bag and all. Though it was big enough to double as my purse. I left it out in the car during the ceremony but it came out to play during the reception. I took so many pictures too. I won’t be posting most of them because they are of individuals and I don’t have their permission. I might post the pics of the cake though. I’ll let y’all know if I do. They did have an official photographer but we were all allowed to bring cameras. I mean Jim is a photographer. He works in a camera store. Coworkers were invited. His friends are photographers. There were going to be cameras at the wedding.

I don’t have any real major things to say about the reception. It was nice, simple and fun. Kate, one of my best friends and former coworker, caught the bouquet. Andy,. a current coworker, caught the garter. There were awkward jokes about them being next. All the _____ camera crew and spouses sat together.

Speaking of spouses, Pat was unable to attend. He was planning to. He even kinda wanted to. But the van lost and important belt on the way to picking me up Thursday. And while it’s a basic fix, only costing 300 which isn’t bad considering how important the belt is and everything that got replaced, the van was out of commission until this afternoon. So Pat stayed home to pick up the van when it was ready. I got a ride with Kate and Kate’s mom. Pat wasn’t willing to be at someone else’s mercy if he needed to leave, so that’s another reason he stayed home. I was disappointed but I understand.

Hmmmm, I think that’s pretty much everything.

Oh, take a peek at the Luke’s blog. I’m going to update it next.

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