Day of Suck aka My Day

I’ll skip to the highlights.

I got 2 teeth pulled today. I knew about the one. I was surprised by the other. The one I knew about was the molar that’s in bad shape. The surprise one was the top wisdom tooth on the same (right) side. I knew I would be losing my wisdom teeth. I didn’t know I was losing one today. I’m not upset. That means I can get everything pulled in 2 visits instead of 3. Then I also got a filling in the lower right wisdom tooth. So lots of major dental work today. I don’t really feel any pain right now. It’s only been recently that I regained feeling to that side of my mouth. The gauze is driving me crazy. I don’t really want to use it but I know I have to until it stops bleeding. The suckage part is that I keep yawning and then I have to readjust the gauze with each yawn.

Sophie, our cat, is missing. Technically she went missing yesterday and not today. We just figured she’d wander back by now. We keep hoping that if she gets hungry enough she’ll come home. She got out because a door was carelessly left open. Not by anyone who lives here. But meanwhile my 6-year-old’s heart has been ripped into two. He loves that cat. We’ve seen her out and about in the neighborhood but every time we get close, she runs. She is faster than us and can get into tight spaces. There are a lot of fenced yards with spacing underneath. So despite the sightings we haven’t been able to catch her as of yet. So like I said, we keep hoping she just shows up looking for food. We all miss her.

Oh quick note about the person who left the door open. They feel really bad, it was a pure accident, and we aren’t mad at them. Frustrated at the situation, but not mad at them.

Our new van. Got love the new puke smell. Yep, I said puke. Luke managed to prove he is still capable of projectile vomiting. Of course we weren’t near home. He coated his car seat and what he was wearing. We had to remove his clothing and the padding from the car seat. I wiped everything else on the car seat down with snow to get it almost clean. It was a mess and it smelled really bad. We don’t know why he got sick. He has no other symptoms. He just puked and then stopped and then puked and then stopped and then done.

I was suppose to go to this church thing with my sister. A bible learning or something like that. I’m not sure. She asked me to go. While I’m openly not Christian and almost as openly, in fact Pagan, I’m still fascinated with religion so I agreed to go. Anyway between the pulled teeth and the puke I’m just not going to be able to get out of the house so it looks like that is getting pushed back a week.

This has just been a craptastic day.

2 thoughts on “Day of Suck aka My Day

  1. He's an ok dentist. He didn't give me a lot of information that he should have yesterday after pulling me teeth. But somehow I still like him. I guess considering some of the dental hell I've been through, he's still better.

    The pain meds are good enough I guess. I got basic Ibuprofen 800mg which is what I take for my headaches. It's getting me through.

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