Not That He Listens

So I’m taking a few days off of work to cater to the illness making it’s way through my home. To be honest I already had today and Friday off, so I just needed the extra day of Thursday.

Pat is even sicker than me and has been ordered to go on bed rest for 48 hours. And while he is not listening to it and actually staying in bed (hence the title) he is trying to take it easy for a few days. So I’m taking over kid duties.

Which is the scariest thing ever.

See unlike Pat, I’m not cut out to be hone with the kids 24/7. I’m good enough of a mom to know that TK’s most recent stomach upset was a side effect of havetocleanmyroomitis. I’m not good enough of a mom to know how to keep the 1 year old happy without totally losing my shit in the process.

Speaking of shit, there was rat shit all over my bedroom floor but Mr Supposetostayinbed decided to vacuum. While I am grateful over the current lack of rat shit, I’m still wondering what my role in the next few days is to be.

I wasn’t allowed taking the baby out with me to today because the baby is also sick. But I had to go. So who watched the baby? That’s right, Pat. While Pat watched the baby, as I went to therapy, he also cleaned the turtle cage.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my husband doesn’t know how to be sick.

I was prepared for him leaving our bed only to pee and him having a little bell he rings each time he needs a new, cold Dr Pepper brought to him. Instead it’s been like any other day that I’m off of work.

Is me being here really making things easier on Pat? Because usually I’m just another kid he has to take care of.

As he pointed out, laying down makes the snot pool in his chest anyways. So the in bed part of the next few days was never going to happen.

I still am left to wonder, is my hubby one of those people who simply doesn’t know how to take it easy?

Meanwhile what are the baby and I going to do in the next days. I can’t afford to lose my shit and he is too young to go easy on me, the noob.

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