We’ve Had "The Talk"

No, not that one. We have a few more years before that one.

Today we, as in Thomas and I, had a talk regarding boundaries and strangers. No, not stranger’s boundaries. Though that too would be a fun one.

Today we walked out the area that he is allowed to playing out front and then we learned what strangers are (actually daddy taught that one because mommy forgot that little detail) and what we do and do not do with them. As in no talking, getting in cars with, and/or taking candy from.

Yes THAT talk.

Happens with every kid at some age.

This one was inspired by the introduction of a scooter into our lives. And boy can Thomas scoot.

I’ll get pictures soon and will promptly post them in my photo blog. That’s right, you heard me. You must check it out too see the good stuff. All you get from here from now on, for the most part, is words.

Like how I added that last part? The for the most part. What can I say, rules are made to be broken.

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