Im an enabler…

So Karen and I went to the pet store today to buy “A” Rat to go along with TK’s ONE Rat…

already I’m less then 12 words in and I’m sure you can see where this is going.

the same gentlemen(and I use the term VERY loosely…) that sold me TK’s Rat was our ‘helper’ today.

since we came in with a purpose he helped us get right too it. he grabbed the Tank from behind the glass wall and ushered us to a Doggy Cubicle to see which rat would best suit our needs.

Karen immediately dives for a light Gray female. mind you while we waited for him to get the tank and after a few questions prior to that we decided another male was our best bet.

while she had that rat in hand(nearly in pocket) I checked the gender of the other three rats… 2 boys, and one more Girl.

so I showed her the boys(which were also twins) and she ‘settled’ briefly on one of them. so he came back with a box and we had Hairy#1 in teh box.

striking up conversation with the gentlemen we explained how we settled on this one because our first choice was the grey Lil girl rat who has yet to be named.

we settled because we didn’t want baby rats… seems logical, but he points out that they buy the babies shortly after birth for a dollar each(a fraction what we paid for imp).

so Hairy#1 is tossed(lovingly) back into the tank with Hairy#2 and the other Lil girl. Lil grey girl is quickly boxed up by my wife.

more conversation takes place and I have my wife wanting to instead buy Hairy #1 And #2 because the idea of splitting up ‘twins’ seems mean…

the GENTLEMEN then points out ‘ya, chances are the next person that buys one wont be worrying about braking up twins because it would be snake food… about half the time.’

Karen starts crying her eyes out…

the Gentlemen and myself then start to negotiate more for Karen’s sake then either of ours.

7 minutes later we are walking out of Petland with 2 Lil boxes… 2 boys in one, 2 girls in the other.

we got one of the rats for free…


*I* named the Boys both Hairy because the have a white lightning bolt across their forehead and we cant tell them apart.

if in the future it becomes more obvious which one is which one of them will be renamed Perry

3 thoughts on “Im an enabler…

  1. Great Story!!! Some of ours have been snake rescued too. I used to have a snake but we only fed him frozen pinkies (thawed of course) which was still sad but necessary.

    I'd love to see some pics of your rats :)

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