I Feel Like a Microwaved Turd

It was well past 1 before I finally fell asleep last night. My mind was just a mile a minute. Plus I was overly tired. It’s hard to fall asleep when overly tired.

Then at 5:30 the baby alarm clock went off 2 hours early. And he screamed if he was put down. So after a half hour battle between crib, pack ‘n’ play and him in bed next to us, Pat finally rolled over and placed Luke belly to belly with him. I didn’t hear another peep from that moment on. Granted, I wasn’t the one playing mattress to the baby, so it may not have been as smooth as my continued slumber implied.

Next thing I know it’s 8:30 and I have to be at work by 9. So I rolled out of bed, threw on clothes and got here with 5 minutes to spare. I decided to nap in the car for those 5 minutes which turned into 15. But no one, myself included really care. I had the lab up and running and things out of the printer by 10. That’s the main goal. Actually up and running is the goal. The fact I printed was my excuse to nap some more and still be productive.

But 10 it was clear I was in trouble so Pat let me spend 5$ gas money we didn’t really have to spare to buy myself some coffee.

And now?

I’m awake but I feel as bad as I look and I look like I feel like the before mentioned turd.

Long day.

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