I’m So Tired

Yet I can’t seem to want to make myself go to sleep. I don’t know why. Normally I’ll dive into bed at the first hint of sleepy.

I set up a user on my comp for Thomas. He has easy access to 3 kid friendly sites with games. I even made him icons with an icon maker so he can tell them apart. I also created him a playlist of his music and linked it on the desktop as well. I pretty much rock as a mom. I forgot to create a shortcut to wow. I should do that nowish.

My fish tank looks cloudy. I don’t know why. Pat probably knows. Pat, why is the fish tank cloudy? It doesn’t look like algae. Well maybe it does. Should I give it another algae treatment?

More importantly why did I type that all up there when he’s sitting behind me.

Dur, he has headphones on and is playing wow. I could interrupt but it isn’t that important. He’ll get to this on his own later.

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