retort and/or clearifacation.

Pat says I’m better educated on BPD than anyone else who has it. I know everything from the criteria for diagnosis to what chemicals in my brain my meds affect. And that’s true. He isn’t the first person to tell me I’m highly educated and self aware on this subject. I have to be. If I didn’t know why I’m a monster, I really would kill myself. This education gives me hope that I can find the light at the end of the tunnel. But just because I know all this stuff does not mean I can automatically put it to use. It isn’t magic.

I want to pick apart this paragraph for starters…

“better educated on BPD then Most anyone I know.”

it was not meant as a compliment… or an insult for that matter. the context of the Statement was in reference to the acute disorder most Psych majors get at some point. they see themselves in every illness they study. Karen is doing that to an extreme.

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