Mother’s Day

First of all, happy Mother’s Day to any moms reading this. I don’t think those words can be said enough. Mom is the hardest job there is whether you stay home, work at home, or work outside of the home. It’s tough. So enjoy your day!

I really thought my day was going to suck. Pat couldn’t afford to give me my present until the 21st which means I can’t get my tattoo until after that. I’m rather pissy about that because we’ve had a years worth of notice for when mother’s day was. I just feel it could have been budgeted better. So whatever. I’m just pissy to be pissy about something, probably. The world would stop spinning if I didn’t have SOMETHING to be pissy about. At least this something is easy to get over. Once I have my tattoo I won’t care about the fine details.

I typed “pissy” 4 times and my computer is damn convinced it isn’t a word. Stupid computer. It’s me computer it should be fluent in Karenese. Yeah, it didn’t like that word either.

Wow, my mind just went on a tangent that a way (———————->) didn’t it.

So my day.

Well it started at about 6 PM last night when I requested my mom please come rescue me from her grandchildren. She verified I didn’t want to spend early mother’s day with them. I confirmed that no, getting up at 7 AM was not my idea of a treat. She was here within 30 minutes.

I took a chance to really relax last night. I watched 3 movies (Emma, Because I Said So, and Arthur and the Invisibles) while I worked on laundry and retaught myself to knit. I was up way too late but I was nice and relaxed.

This morning I got to sleep till 10 AM before I rushed to take a quick shower, throw on clothes and get to work by 11. Work kinda sucked because we were slow and I hate being bored. HATE BEING BORED. However, I did get a nice treat when my mom and both boys brought me lunch. Both boys for once were on their best behavior in the lab and it wasn’t nearly as stressful as it usually can get. Thomas even showed some interest in what different things were and how they worked. The simple stuff like where are the power buttons and what were the drains in the floor from. I showed him that one drain leads to our silver recovery unit and got to show him that whole set up. I’m not thinking he understood but he was interested. Made my day. Well that and a few other things.

I cut out of work a bit early and went to my mom’s house where I played with the boys outside a bit and loaded my brand new (to me, use to be a sewing table) writing desk into my mom’s car.

She then followed me home and I now have my new desk in my bedroom all ready for school work, research, and book writing. So OMG WOOT!

So all in all it was a decent day. I feel fairly loved and relaxed and excited over my new desk.

Oh and there is cake! Not yet because it’s still cooling. But the men in my life conspired and made me a carrot cake. I can only have little bits here and there because of my diet. But knowing me I’ll rationalize that it’s a vegetable. Actually, no. Not really. I’m going to use self control and just have one small piece a day. Just enough to enjoy it.

I’ve rambled enough.

Comment and tell me about your day! Your mother’s day or anyday that you are reading this on. All I know is it’s your turn to ramble.

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