In Sickness and in Health

We are all a little sick around here.

My boys all have digestion track issues that come with eating something bad, or a bug. Luke has it the worst and is miserable. We’re keeping him pumped with fluids, but the keep coming right back out. Thank god it’s in a way the diaper can catch most of it.

I’m mostly just tired myself and trying to get my system adjusted to all these new meds.

In other news, which is good news, Thomas’s meds are working and he has been headache free for a couple of weeks now. He’s also become quite the pro at popping those pills. He’s a good kid.

I’ve also seen some relief from my migraines. I can’t claim to be headache free but they are no longer 24/7. And in interesting news, one evening a did have one and I ate shrimp cocktail and the cocktail sauce had horse radish in it… My migraine was all but gone.

Too bad they don’t make horse radish in pill form!

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