My Meds

The capsules are Geodon. The blue and white one is 80 MG and the solid blue one is 40 MG.

The 2 little white ones are Ativan at 1MG each.

The 3 darker pink ones are celexa at 20MG each.

The 3 lighter pink ones are trileptal at 150MG each.

I take these pills every day, spread out into 2 doses.

Meanwhile I can’t get anyone one else in my family to realize that they have a problem, much less that they need hardcore meds. Maybe not as many as I need. But some.

You’d think that if I can break down and take 10 pills every day, my family could break down and take even less.

6 thoughts on “My Meds

  1. A lot of people are always in denial of their own problems. My mom is severely depressed and has been for as long as I can remember, but she doesn’t realize it. I can’t get her to realize it.

  2. Pat, Obama is working on a bill that would make it mandatory for everyone to have health insurance as well as mandatory for the government to help those who make under 66K a year. Obama is fixing this mess. And then you are getting help and put on meds. No Ifs, ands, or buts.

    BPD in OKC, and I wish your name would come to me…. I wanna say Meg? Wow, how far off am I?!?!? I think you are right. My mom is aware she’s depressed but denies needing meds for it. My father full on denies that he needs anything.

  3. My husband and mother-in-law are both severely depressed but won’t get help…i feel sooo bad for both, because i know how awful it is, but it also frustrates me when i know t h e y know help is out there…and they won’t get it…my MIL just thinks it’s enough to “adnise” me on what to do in theyapy…Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jennifer. Got it.

    Tracy, my family freaks out when I go without help, but between all of us who need help, I’m the only one getting any. It frustrates me.

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