Preschool Graduation

As the title implies, my baby graduated preschool today. It’s been a long 3 year battle. I’m still not convinced he’s ready for kindergarten based on his letters and numbers. But attitude wise, and personality wise he’s ready. I can tell he feels held back in his preschool classes. the past 2 years, at least, have all just been one big repeat of the same. He still may not be getting all of it, but he’s ready to move on. And who knows, kindergarten may have a different style for drilling the info in. If all else fails, 5 full days a week verses the 3 half days a week will give him and his teachers more time to help Thomas learn this stuff.

We’re working on it at home. He has a go fish game dealing with the lower and upper case letters. I make him tell me what the letter is when he asks for it. Which isn’t to say he has them mastered that easily. but we’ve made some progress. We’re trying to figure out other fun ways to learn. Like making him sound out the letters and then spell bath, before he gets one. We’re trying really hard.

As always, if you have an advice please feel free to share it. Some of you out there have kids so you’ve been through this. What works?

He’s a bright boy, he just doesn’t care. If there were letter A through Z super heroes he’d have them down within a dozen episodes. OMG GENIUS! Dude I wonder if Noggin takes ideas?

Off to the wonderful noggin site I go!

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