As a lot of my other symptoms clear up thanks to the meds I’m on, I’m left with the huge feeling of empty. I’m not void of emotion. You piss me off, I get angry. You make me happy I hop up and down and giggle. I’m more normal in those respects. But it’s almost like the drama that has fueled my existence for the past, oh, 25 years is going away and nothing is left to take it’s place. Like I have nothing left to fuel me.

Which should be great. A drama free existence is the best possible thing.

One slight problem.

What’s left to write about.

Hang on me few faithful readers. I have not abandoned. Things are just very quiet right now. It never stays that way though.

Who knows maybe the anti-anxiety I’m starting in a week will cause hallucinations like the celexa did at first and I can write about what I’m seeing.

For whatever it’s worth I’ve been working on my book some. So I am still writing. Just about past drama not current.

Oh also….

Getting worse is my dissociative symptoms. Or rather, I don’t think they are worse… I just thinking I’m noticing them more now that the other symptoms are calming down.

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