Rereading Below…

I feel the need to clarify one thing.

I hate people who pop out babies just so they can get or stay on welfare. They don’t have any interest in the kids or working hard. I think it’s a gross abuse of the system.

How am I different?

I have babies because I love my kids and love raising them with my husband. They are the purpose and reason in my existence.

I work very hard. And yes, having had Luke allows me to work even harder in order to provide for my family.

Pat is disabled, not lazy. Legally and mentally disabled. Kids or no kids, welfare and the system would be in our lives. The only check we collect is his monthly SSI. The only way our kids affect that is that the more we have, that harder I can work to provide before they start taking away DOUBLE what I make over a certain predetermined amount. We also do have insurance through the government, that we are in the process of losing, though will get back now that my hours have been cut. But I won’t feel guilty for that. To insure my entire family would cost a fuck ton in addition to the cost of meds and co-pays and deductibles. The cost of health care in this nation is 3rd world and so I gladly accept the governments help. I feel it’s their job to begin with, and not just for those who are low income. It isn’t like they are covering boob jobs and tummy tucks. They pay for my therapy and my meds for my mental condition. Without that care I wouldn’t be able to work, and THAT would be a burden on the state.

So am I seriously considering a 3rd? Yep! A 4th too! But Pat and I had that dream long before SSI and Welfare were ever in our lives.

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